Wayanad, Kerala

Trip Route: Bangalore > Mysore > Gundlupet > Wayanad > Ooty > Bangalore

It was a long dream for me to visit Wayanad and that dream came true last weekend. This is the first trip i'm going in my new car - Volkswagen Polo. Left on Friday noon, it took few hours to cross the city traffic and reached Mysore only at the evening. With a quick late lunch, we headed towards Gundlupet, a place where the road to Ooty divides. 

The drive from Gundlupet to Wayanad was very pleasant with lot of greenery and a 10 minutes shower made the climate more chill. When Sun goes down, we were entering the forest section. Stopped by a group of elephants, i got down to take few clicks. It was scary to go nearby for a good photo :) 

When I was changing the camera mode, suddenly i observed that one of the elephant screamed at me and running towards me. My god, i never expected that... Thankfully it stopped before i get in to the car. Took a U-turn, came back to the same place and clicked few pics from the car :) Reached Wayanad at 8 PM, spent quite a lot of time in finding a good place to stay. Next day, left the hotel early morning towards soochepara falls.

The falls is approximately 40 KM from Wayanad, but it takes an hour and a half. I would say this stretch is one of the beautiful in the world. 

Loaded with of fog, greenery on both sides, bending roads, smell of tea leaves, what not. I really really loved the drive. A paradise. Highly recommend this place for nature lovers.

To reach Soochipara falls, one has to walk for atleast 30 minutes from the top of the hill. The water is damn clear and white, like a milk. After a nature's King's bath for an hour, it took an hour to climb up the mountain to reach back the car parking. 

We decided to visit Edakkal caves next. This is the first cave i have seen ever located at top of the mountain. It took almost an hour to climb up the steep mountain and it was not a pleasure for me to climb as i was completely exhausted... 

Though there is nothing much inside, it looks like a natural painting on the rock. One can see a narrow gap between two big rocks, which reminds me of 127 hours. 

These two places took almost a full day. The other good thing about this place is FOOD. For fish lovers, you get good freshly cooked with nice mix of masala and cocunut oil. Loved it :) I'm sure i will visit this place again soon...


Hopeful Indian said...

A nice account of the trip and great do justice to the natural beauty of the place. I must get there soon!

banskt said...

Nice account of the trip. Enjoyed. We are planning to visit Wayanad on May 28 - 29.

Wanted to know if the Gundlupet road is open at night. We are planning to leave Bangalore Friday evening and reach there at night.

Do you think we need to get a hotel booked from here, or will we get accommodation after reaching there?

ashok said...

Lovely refreshing snaps...

Anonymous said...

Silly to leave the car in the forest, illegal and dangerous not only to you but maybe to the person behind you. Elephants when enraged may attack the next vehicle, motorcycle, passerby.
PLease respect and enjoy nature, follow the laws of the land and avoid heroics