AkkaMahadevi Cave

AkkaMahadevi cave is located in Srisailam, roughly 250 odd KM from Hyderabad. It took around 4 hours to reach Srisailam. Interesting to reach this cave as you need to travel in a rope car, followed by 45 minutes boat ride.

I would choose a reed boat than a motor boat :) The krishna river goes through chain of mountains on both sides with lush greenery, really scenic and a wonderful experience.

The water level of the river is shown by the marks at the bottom of the mountain.At few places, I can see huts, proving some people still live here.     

Heard from the guide that this river got a depth upto 700 meters. The color of water is different on places where the depth is more. 

The boat stopped. Muddy sand, sharp stones and a quick rain made us to take time to get down. No idea where is the cave. It looks as if we were dropped in the middle of a forest :) 

I must have burned 500 calories to climb few hundred meters :) Very slippery. A narrow mud road welcome us. Seems that we have to walk to the other corner of the mountain. Scary but amazing to walk...

Ah, there it is. Surrounded by dense trees, it is said that this cave is naturally formed. A huge rock arch stands at the entrance without any support.

During 12th century A.D. this cave appears to have attained its present name after the famous ascetic Akkamahadevi. It is said that she (Akkamahadevi) hailed from Karnataka, a nearby state.

Though it is said to be natural cave, the outer walls seem to be retouched. This cave is around 150 meters deep and too dark.

 The width of the cave gradually decreases while going deep. Lot of bats live here. With the help of mobile lights, we could move step by step. At some places, my SLR stopped working due to no light. 

A small statue of lord Shiva seen at the end of this cave. It easily take hours to reach the deep end and come out. Adventurous to visit :)

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I am planning to visit this during my trip from Bangalore to Srisailam.

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