In & around Warangal

This time we decided to visit some places in northeast of Andhra. Heard from locals not many places to see but found some good places to visit. As usual, we started on a Friday eve, reached Warangal in the night. It was about 140 Kms from Hyderabad. The drive was just awesome due to good roads :) 

Next day morning, the very first place wanted to see is "The 1000 Pillar temple". It was just few Kms away from the place where we stayed, and very much within the city limits. I think we were one of the few to visit early on that day. Very calm, surrounded by free land, fence with security are the first things observed. This temple was build during 1163 A.D. 
Elegant carvings on the pillars, big Nandhi in the front are the highlights. I dont know why the name "1000 pillars", i could hardly count only few pillars now. The temple stands on a platform raised to a height of about 1 metre from the ground. Also, this temple has got a huge Shiva idol measuring about 6 feet, not commonly seen in other temples. Worth visiting once. After spending an hour, we started moving forward to Laknavaram Lake, which is around 70 KM. The road was quite decent, passing through many villages that are truly disconnected from the city. 
Captured few nice clicks on both side of the road... I like the above pic very much :) The below scenery is somewhat different and unusual to see.
Reached Laknavaram at noon with hot sun dehydrating me. The first impression of the lake is - COOL, a 300 meter hanging bridge connecting one side of the lake to a small island. Nice one.

There's nothing much in the island to roam around. Quite calm and nice place to be lonely. The 10 minute boat drive should be relaxing for anyone. 

I have had some hard time to hide from the hot sun... Spent few hours in the island before heading to Ramappa temple, which is on the way back to Warrangal. Missed the diversion due to confusing name board, we could reach this place with the help of locals. Built in 1213 A.D, this is again a marvelous piece of Architecture of ancient temples. 

Good to see this temple getting renovated, should be ready by another couple of months. Must see temple for anyone visiting Warrangal. 

Bad health due to dehydration, admitting in a hospital, missed the way back to Hyderabad, driving back in one of the worst road - are some bad part of this trip. Reached back home finally at 2 AM :)


Gomathy said...

Wow! nice pics and a very gud blogspot indeed. I am drawing inspiration from you to get at work on my long-thought (for lack of the right word) blog site. Love the pic with three barren trees - I see Vishnu in it :). Nice work!

Unknown said...

goood would have been more helpful if u have given more distances.discriptions..foood availability in dos places......ram