Mariamman Temple, Bangkok

Sri Mahamariamman temple is located in Silom, Bangkok (Thailand) that is referred as Wat Khaek (Temple of Guests) by the Thais. The temple was built in 1860 by tamil immigrants.

The gopuram (or the tower) is rich in color, illustrating the Chola and Pallava architectural styles. It also resembles the typical South-Indian style.

The statues in the gopuram are classic. Seems that all the statues for this temple were bought from Tamil Nadu, South India.

Photography is not allowed inside the temple :( I was so surprised to see lot of local crowd (Thais) than Indians worshiping in this temple.  

Though it is not a big temple, it is well decorated and well maintained, poojas are done in South Indian style. Worth visiting the temple if you are visiting Bangkok :)

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