1000 Years old BIG temple - Tanjore

The 1000 years old BIG temple (also called as Brihadeeswarar/ Rajarajeswaram/ Peruvudaiyar) in Tanjore (Tamil Nadu, India) is truly a brilliant architectural marvel of the Chola kings. This temple was built with 130,000 tons of granite.

View of Nandi and the temple - typical example of Dravidian style of architecture

The conical shape tower is built in 16 storey measuring 216 ft. It is among the tallest of its kind in India. The amazing thing is the shadow of this tower never falls on the ground. 

Right side view of the temple. The tower has a hollow structure inside, similar to the pyramids, interlocked with ball and socket joint technique with no binding material used.

With no machines or cranes that time, the 81 ton stone at the top (shikara) was moved to the top by building an inclined plane of 7 kms from a village which still exists by the name 'sarapallam'

                                                                                                                                   Mandapam showing ancient scripts on the walls

Beautiful elephant carving on the walls

                                                                                                                                  Sculptures of hindu idols in different positions on one side of the tower


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Anonymous said...

the shadow does fall on the ground..this is a rumor thats been spread unnecessarily. Pls check the facts yourself before posting.Thanks.