Oyster Opera Island Resort - Kasargod

Trip Route: Bangalore -> Mysore -> Madikeri (Coorg) -> Kasargod

My search to visit an unknown beautiful island ended up here. Oyster Opera is a small island resort located at Padanna, near Kasargod, Kerala (South India). 

After a delayed start on Friday night (as usual), we finished the dinner at Empire hotel at Maddur only at 12 A.M. As the road from Coorg to Kasargod takes into forest ghat section, we took the Virajpet route from Hunsur and reached the resort at 7 A.M. Damn tired :(

Though the entrance of the resort was not impressive, lot of surprises were waiting The resort has 8 beautiful wooden/bamboo cottages facing the backwaters and a houseboat. 

Unfortunately, the houseboat was not in a working condition so we didn't prefer to stay there. We stayed in the below cottage that has fantastic view of the backwaters.

After taking a quick nap and yummy breakfast, we are taken on the boat for a ride. At the middle of the backwaters, we are asked to jump into the water. First i thought the guy is kidding, but actually that place was not deep enough (just 5 feet). 

Spent an hour in playing games and drinking beers :) Good fun though. The lunch was so delicious, authentic kerala food with Fish curry, Prawns fry, dry fish and what more... My tummy was full :) Slept for some time before getting into the boat again. 

He took us to the place where the backwater meets the sea. Had a pleasure walk, some played games and back to the resort by 7 P.M

Now the fun time starts... We had big plans for the celebration - camp fire, drinks, dance etc :) Enjoyed to the core till 2 A.M. 

As my friend wanted to reach back Bangalore early, we had to leave the resort by early morning. This time, we took the good route. The 68 KM stretch from Panathur to Coorg is very scenic, the ghat road goes inside the forest for few miles.

Though we did not see any animals, there are many water falls seen on the roadside. We saw the signboards that Elephants and Bison would reach this place to drink water.

But we couldn't resist us taking bath in one of them :) So chill and refreshing but i was a victim for the leeches :( I could not realise the blood loss for a long time...

Finally back to Bangalore on Sunday evening taking with us the unforgettable memories and fun we had. Really a good adventurous trip.

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